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  Most of these pictures were taken at the Old Mill in Maynard MA, USA.

Duck sitting in grass next to path Path through the woods
Geese on pond
Baby geese on path
Baby geese with parents
Baby geese on pond's edge
Geese in grass
Inqusitive goose
Colorful goose
Statuesque goose
Heron stalking lunch
Is that...?
Pidgeon defending its snack from a chickadee
A Davis Farm alpaca named Snickers

July 4th, 2011:
  The Fitchburg Civic Days parade
Fitchburg Police
Fitchburg Police
Fitchburg Police
Fitchburg Fire
MedStar EMS
Fitchburg Fire Ambulance
Fitchburg Fire Special Ops
Fitchburg Fire Shelter Unit
Fitchburg Fire Shelter Unit Trailer
Fitchburg Emergency Management
Fitchburg Emergency Management
Westminster's 1849 Hunneman Hand Tub (Fire carriage)
Gardner Antique Fire truck
Fitchburg Fire Ladder truck
Antique fire truck
Acton Fire ladder truck
Lunenburg Fire antique truck
Ashby Fire atique ladder truck
Westminster Fire pumper truck
Ashby Fire pumper truck
Ashby Fire tower ladder truck
Smokey Bear
Shirley Fire pumper truck
Shirley Fire ladder truck
Lunenburg Fire ladder truck
Ayer Fire pumper truck
Townsend Fire ladder truck
Townsend Fire pumper truck
Winchendon Fire pumper truck
Boylston Fire pumper truck
Ashburnham Fire truck
Lancaster Fire pumper truck
Gardner Fire pumper truck
Pepperell Fire pumper truck
Princeton Fire ladder truck
Ashburnham Fire ladder truck